Founded in 2007, Watt Group specializes in the development of renewable energy, most notably photovoltaic solar plants. Projects are being developed throughout the world with a focus on France, India and the U.S. The company's vision is spearheaded by its four founders whose various backgrounds in solar technology research and finance as well as their ability to adapt to various energy markets and a strong interest in the newest innovations all combine to bring a unique approach to the industry.

It is our combined vision for the future of renewable energy, as well as our spirit of cooperation, that allowed Watt Group to experience such an exceptional growth. Our goal: contribute to the development of a society where men and women live and thrive in a way that respect our environment. This is this vision of the future that will continue to drive us throughout the years.

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OMEXOM, is a division of Vinci energy. OMEXOM brings their expertise in the conception, realization and maintenance of electrical production facilities together with the knowledge of transportation and transformation of electricity.

From 1997 until 2005, Jean-Philippe Krief and Marc Cohen developed and filed several patents for lighting applications using photovoltaic technology for GAMASONIC, a world leader in this industry. Since 2005, Jean-Philippe Krief and Marc Cohen have developed lighting systems that utilize photovoltaic technology for advertising billboards and commercialized them throughout France. They also taught at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (ENSCI) or National institute for Industrial Innovation.

Since 2004, JP Energie Environnement develops, finances, builds and operates power plants of renewable sources in all areas: wind, solar, hydro, biomass. In 2012, JPEE operates six wind farms and 25 solar power plants for 90 MW of installed capacity, corresponding to the electric consumption of 56,000 homes.
New wind and solar farms will be under construction soon, JPEE will then double its installed capacity over the next two years.

Vision India real estate, integrated property developer and asset manager in the residential, hospitality and logistics facilities, VISION INDIA REAL ESTATE invests in large real estate operations in Chennai and Bangalore, especially in logistics parks vocation. In partnership with GEM Group, VISION INDIA performs an operation in Chennai including 712 housing units (6 laps) and offering exceptional services (clubs, sports facilities etc.).

GEM group, A pioneer in the field of extraction and highly technological processing of minerals, leading exporter of Indian granite upscale, GEM GROUP ensures its growth in more than 60 countries around the world. One of the largest industrial conglomerates in India, established in 1972 and distinguished by its brand, the Group diversifies its commercial success in several areas: textile, sugar, biotechnology and software, real estate and luxury hotels.

Martifer Solar Pure Energy

Martifer Solar plays a leading role in the photovoltaic industry, supported by a solid track record of international achievements, cutting-edge technology and worldwide presence.
The company is specialized in 360º PV turnkey solutions for EPC projects, including development, financial advice, project management, production, construction and operation and maintenance (O&M).
Martifer Solar´s adaptation capability and its advanced technical qualifications allow the company to stand out in this fast-moving industry, covering all the PV segments: ground, rooftop, BIPV, small generation and off-grid installations.
As a customer oriented company, Martifer Solar becomes a first-class partner in terms of safety and trust, transforming solar energy into real and profitable businesses. We go along with you during the whole process, step by step.
Martifer Solar is based in Portugal and has worldwide presence in more than 20 countries over 4 continents (Europe, North and Latin America, Africa and Asia). To date Martifer Solar has participated in the implementation of more than 400 MW of photovoltaic solar energy worldwide.

Fox Mandal is one of the oldest full service law firms in India established in 1896, and is presently reckoned as one of the largest law firms in the country with over 250 qualified lawyers, consultants, professionals and technical people with expertise in various legal and technical fields, having network of offices in all major cities in India including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune which ensures the clients, cost-effective, value added and fully integrated service.
Energy practice is a niche area that requires thorough knowledge of state governments’ policies as well as nuances of energy economics. Fox Mandal’s team has worked extensively for renewable energy projects in all renewable energy proficient states throughout India. We have advised several Indian and foreign companies in the wind and solar energy industry to set up their operations in India and over the years have assisted in setting up several projects. We have assisted potential projects of a collective size of circa 700 MW in the calendar year 2013.








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